Big Data Analytics Solutions

Big Data Analytics Solutions

The analysis of the captured parameters, both in real time and in historical, through the application of Big Data algorithm, is currently a key elements to know the state of the systems, evaluate them and be able to make the appropriate decisions for their optiomal exploitation.

By applying our technical knowledge of algorithms and methods of intelligent data analysis (data mining) with expert knowledge in the sectors in which we work (water, climate change, environment and energy, etc.) TERAS IOT collaborates with our clients in the task of transforming the large volumes of data generated by sensors and signals into useful information for decision making, both at an operational and strategic level.

Integration of Heterogeneous Data Sources


The data captured by the sensors, to be truly useful, must be enriched by external sources that provide contextual information, transforming the magnitudes into relevant data for the process or, ultimately, for the business. Obtaining the richest and most useful information involves the combination of data from very heterogeneous sources that can range from sensors deployed in the field to external services in the cloud, through industrial control systems, corporate systems (ERP and similar) or public information on the Internet, to mention just a few examples. At TERAS IoT we have extensive experience in the integration of data, generally heterogeneous and unstructured, to generate accurate, reliable information with a high potential for direct application to the business.

Big Data


The exploitation of huge amounts of data requires appropriate infrastructure to manage the volumes of data needed to obtain reliable answers in a very specific period of time. To ensure these two characteristics, reliability and response time, TERAS IoT develops both algorithms and data exploitation components, using state-of-the-art Big Data techniques, both in streaming analysis solutions (real time), and batch, implanting platforms based on lambda and/or kappa architectures in each case.

Personalized Consultation


At TERAS IoT we are specialists in the exploitation of data from large sensor networks or industrial systems, with the aim of using this information to support decision-making at all levels and in all departments. Our experience in reference to research institutes in various sectors allows us to bring the business and process vision to the data sets, generating information that can be easily analyzed, understood and exploited at all levels.