Today, cities, public administrations and industrial facilities can benefit from the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, both to optimize existing processes and to develop new services or business models that promote economic development. CloudENVO IoT has designed solutions based on sensor networks that guarantee maximum measurement accuracy. The intelligent data analysis and its integration with other applications offer a valuable tool for the optimization of processes and resources that contribute to sustainability.

CloudENVO Solutions


The IoT solution developed by TERAS (CloudENVO) allow university, research institutes and industries to monitor critical parameters and carry out intelligent data analysis to improve decision making. These are our IoT solutions:

Environmental Industry
Continuous monitoring of physical and chemical parameters in industrial facilities and their surroundings to detect and evaluate water quality and air quality.


1. Water Quality Monitoring

Installation and Maintenance of different automatic water quality monitoring systems, both for surface water (mains supply networks, water dams, etc.) and industrial plants (wastewater treatment plants, treatment stations, etc.)

The Solutions of Water Quality consists of:

  • Sensor Network
  • Data Acquisition and Communication Systems
  • Control Center: CloudENVO Software

Realtime Monitoring

First, we carry out analysis of the specific problems of the project and study which variables need to be monitored, to what level of precision accuracy, at which points and restrictions when installing the different sensors/instruments. The possible alternatives available for communication are also analyzed. After the initial study, we design the suitable solution that best fits the client’s needs.

Among the parameters installed and maintained most commonly by our technicians, the most outstanding are:

■ pH

■ Conductivity

■ Dissolved Oxygen

■ Flow Meter

■ Turbidity


2. Air Quality Monitoring

TERAS IoT performs the monitoring of air quality through portable air quality measuring device to obtain accurate and traceable data on air quality status or control emission level in urban and industrial environments.


Continuous monitoring of air pollution

The system consists of a handheld device equipped with CloudENVO apps. CloudENVO supplies highly reliable handheld device that meet all the requirements established in the reference defined in the current legislation.  The device able to measure parameters such as PM10 and RM 2.5