Energy Recovery System




The proposed Energy Recovery System Pilot Plant is an integrated setup of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and Thermoelectric Generator (TEG). The system mainly utilize ORC system which is a closed thermodynamic cycle to convert heat into electricity. An ORC system works according to the same principles as a normal steam turbine. The main difference is that an organic fluid is used instead of water, and that waste heat is used to vaporize the fluid instead of a boiler. ORC systems can generate electricity from temperatures as low as 55°C (131°F). The thermal power recovered from waste heat (diesel engine exhaust) vaporizes the refrigerant R1233zd(e) which then expands through the high & low pressure turbine and produces clean and reliable electric power. The heat source is then flow through the TEG system for more clean electric power extraction. The ORC system improves cycle efficiency by pumping back the condensed refrigerant back to the start of the cycle.

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