Animation is introduced to allow users to feel and apply on the knowledge they have learnt but in a more fun and interesting way. By doing this, it is hoped that users will become more engaged, inspired, and entertained while also gaining knowledge.

The process of animation is divided into three main stages which are the pre-production, production, and post production. Just like in any project, before we start animating, our team will seat down together to discuss on the story writing, sketches on story boards, along with developing characteristics of a character – all will be based on what is desired by client’s request.

Once we move on to the second stage, our team will start on creating scenes frame by frame to match with the background scene. In the production stage, we will start stitching the animation layer by layer. Before the final rendering, we will let our clients know on the progress and will then add any additional scenes, sounds, or text caption – including intros & outros.


Improves Learning Experience

Greater Engagement

Boost Retention

Motivate & Inspires Viewers

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